2015   “Tomorrow Is Forever”, Micro Art Space, Cleveland, OH

2012   “Parlor Tricks”, William Rupnik Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2012   “Lost Track”, Lava Lounge, Cleveland, OH

2009   “Spicy Dames and Tales of Mystery”, William Rupnik Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2007   “Note to Self”, Visible Voice, Cleveland, OH



Selected Exhibitions


2015   “JUNTOS” Museum of Hispanic and Latino Cultures, Beth K. Stocker Art Gallery, Elyria, OH

2015   “Guide to the Galaxy”, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2015   “Sustenance From Palate to Palette”, Artist Archives of the Western Reserve, Cleveland, OH

2015  “Rooms To Let”, Slavic Village vacant home installation 6733 Fleet Avenue, Cleveland, OH

2015   “They Came, They Saw, They Printed”Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH


2014   “Collector’s Affection”, Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH

2014   “Optical Delusions”Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2014   “Transformations”The Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland, OH

2014   “From Woman VII”The Gallery at Lakeland, Kirtland, OH


2013   “Small Wonders”Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2013   “Disco Dada Dreamscape”Spaces, Cleveland, OH

2013   “Obsolete”, Studio 2091, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

2013   CAN Journal Benefit, Convivium 33, Cleveland, OH

2013   “STOCK”, Hedge Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2013   ArtCares Live Auction, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH

2013   “100 x 100”, Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH

2013   “Women VI”, The Gallery at Lakeland, Kirtland, OH

2013   “Six in Studio”, Residency, CWAL Gallery, Cleveland, OH


2012   “Women V”, The Gallery at Lakeland, Kirtland, OH

2012   “Annual Group Invitational”, William Rupnik Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2012   “100 x 100”, Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH

2012   “Ill Perceived”, ArtCares, MOCA Cleveland, OH

2012   “Polkapocalypse”, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH


2011   “Monothon”, Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH

2011   “Second Annual May Show”, The Gallery at Lakeland, Kirtland, OH

2011   “NEO Renaissance”, Wall Eye Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2011   “The 50/50 Show”, Smartspace at 78th Street Studios, Cleveland, OH

2011   “Monster Drawing Ralley”, Spaces Gallery, Cleveand, OH


2010   “Small Works”, Proximity Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2010   “Repetition/Correspondence”, Asterisk Gallery, Cleveland, OH


2009   “Oh, That is Sooooo Last Year”, William Rupnik Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2009   “This is Cleveland: All the Stuff I See”, Lowlife Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2009   “City Artists at Work Group Exhibition”, M Gentile Studios, Cleveland, OH


2008   “Xmas Group Exhibition”, Asterisk Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2008   “19”, Asterisk Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2008   “Artspace Group Exhibition”, Wooltex Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2008   “City Artist at Work”, The Plain Dealer and M. Gentile Studios, Cleveland, OH


2007   “Guitarmania 2007”, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland, OH

2007   Artspace Group Exhibition, Convivium 33, Cleveland, OH


2006   “Convergence”, College of Wooster Art Museum, Wooster, OH


2005   “Third Cleveland Biennial”, Cleveland State University Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2005   The Littlest Heroes “Art for Children’s Sake”, Elevation Art, Cleveland, OH

2005   “Salon Des Refuses”, Ingenuity 2005, Cleveland, OH