Rooms To Let

Real estate agents sometimes bake brownies or chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen before showing a house to make potential buyers feel at home. Cambridge neuroscientist Adrian Owen said: “Both smelling and eating chocolate activate areas of the brain that are known to be involved in creating feelings of pleasure. It seems chocolate has a unique blend of sensory qualities which make us feel good, activating pleasure centers in the brain.”

My installation for Rooms To Let pokes at this idea of “sugar coating” and encases the surfaces of the kitchen in chocolate. The candy-striped walls evoke the hues of salt-water taffy on the beach, and dreamy childhood memories. Colored chocolate was hand cast in the shape of teapots, spoons, kitchen utensils, and decorative patterns. They were used to tile the countertop, adhered with melted chocolate as the “grout”. The candy-coated kitchen greets the viewers with the sweet smell of chocolate.